Gym Checklist for Beginners

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Are you about to become a gym regular and are wondering what all you need to bring with you? I’ve got some suggestions for you here for the ones you already know about and the ones you haven’t even considered.

1. What should I wear to the gym?

Gym attire isn’t that hard. Gym shorts or sweatpants, T-shirt, and tennis shoes. Nothing fancy required here but I really like these cotton UnderArmor T-shirts. They are soft and comfortable and I like the brand. Aside from that, wear whatever is comfortable.

2. What are the best headphones for working out?

Whether you are going to listen to music, podcasts, or binge watch the office on your phone while doing cardio you’ll need headphones. First things first, consider your preferences. Bluetooth or wired. Over the ear, behind the ear, or in the ear. You can find some for hella cheap nowadays. Or you could get some nicer ones if you don’t mind spending the money. I have tried several different pairs and the ones I like the best were some behind the ear bluetooth headphones I got on Amazon for under $20. Here are a few to consider with the Sounbots being the ones I currently use.

3. Do I need a water bottle?

You done need one, you can just walk to the water fountain all the time. But they are cheap, and very useful. Whether you are just doing cardio or lifting weights you are going to get thirsty so go ahead and grab one. Here are a few suggestions.

4. Other things to consider

If you plan on changing or showering at the gym you’ll need a gym bag, I change at home so I have no suggestions here but I imagine any old duffel bag will do. Other things to consider are a gym towel, wrist wraps, belt, gloves, and knee sleeves. I do not use any of these things at this time and as a beginner you probably wouldn’t need to either. Keep it simple and stick to the basics. There’s nothing more noticeable than a newb wearing full powerlifter attire complete with gloves and a belt.