How To Stop Your Neighbor’s Kids From Coming Over

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It’s not fun to have your neighbor’s kid constantly coming over, no matter what reason they might have for doing so. You might not mind if they drop in occasionally, but that doesn’t mean it should be commonplace. In addition, your neighbor should not be expecting you to allow their kids over whenever they want.

They could even cause damage to your property if they’re always running through your yard. It might seem like a sensitive topic to broach since you don’t want your neighbor to think you’re attacking them or your child.

How to stop your neighbor’s kids from coming over

If you want your neighbor’s kid to stop coming over, then you need to first talk to them. This should be your first approach, but you can take some additional steps if this doesn’t work. You need to set boundaries with your neighbor first, but there are other options you can consider if that doesn’t seem to take.

Set boundaries

Keeping your neighbor’s children from coming over whenever they want is all about setting boundaries. You need to set boundaries with both your adult neighbor and their child. This can be done by simply talking to them. Make sure to do so in a kind and respectful manner if you want to get the best results.

Talk to your neighbor

When you first approach your neighbor, it’s best to try and wait for the right time. You don’t want to confront them if it seems like a lot is going on. Try to wait for a time that isn’t too hectic, that way they are better able to listen to what you have to say.

Just let them know it isn’t okay for their child to come over all the time, whenever they want. If your neighbor reacts positively, you can broach the subject of setting boundaries with their kid. Make sure not to approach their child if they aren’t okay with it.

Talk to their child

If you have a pretty good relationship with your neighbors and their kids then setting boundaries with your younger neighbor might be a good idea. This is especially true if the kid is in their late tweens or early teens.

Kids are just people too. If you kindly tell them that they cannot come over without their parents, or to ask ahead of time, most will listen. You should also be prepared for the possibility that they won’t, and will continue coming over anyway.

Other tips to keep your neighbor’s kids away

If setting clear boundaries with your neighbor doesn’t do anything to keep their child from coming over then you will need to explore other options. There are multiple methods you can try. You can even try a few of these before confronting anyone if you would rather.

Try signs

no trespassing sign
Image by Lisette Brodey from Pixabay

No trespassing signs can be quite effective in keeping people off your property, even young people. If your neighbors notice signs asking them to keep out of your yard then they’re more likely to ask ahead of time if they are able to come over. They will also likely want their kids to stay away from any no trespassing notices.


If you don’t already have a fence then putting one up is a great way to keep your neighbor’s kid from showing up unannounced. Of course, fences can be expensive, so you don’t want to put one up just for the sake of keeping people away.


Sprinklers can also deter people, but they might not be as effective if your neighbors aren’t crossing through your yard to get to your house. Sprinklers can be set up to go off anytime someone gets close, and will be a clear sign that you don’t want people in your yard. So you aren’t turning the sprinklers on yourself, the motion sensors detect movement and turn the sprinkler on.


Depending on when your neighbor’s kid is coming to your house, you might want to put in motion sensor lights. These lights might not completely deter them from coming over, but it won’t hurt either.

Having a dog

Image by Mimzy from Pixabay

You certainly don’t want a dog that will hurt your neighbors kid, even if it is annoying how much they come over. However, a guard dog in your house or fenced in yard is a great deterrent for anyone that shows up unannounced. Your dog won’t be able to cause any damage from inside, but growling or barking through the door can be scary enough.

Some tips to keep In mind

Whenever you deal with your neighbor and their child you need to keep a few tips in mind if you want things to go as smoothly as possible.

Be kind

You should always be kind when you deal with your neighbor, especially if it involves their child. Their child likely isn’t trying to do anything wrong, and a few kind conversations can go a long way.

Try to be reasonable

You should try to be reasonable as well, as it might take a few tries before their child finally understands they can’t just show up whenever they want. While you should certainly expect your neighbor to handle the problem, you should also be reasonable and patient about the issue.

Don’t get angry

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Try not to let yourself get angry when handling this kind of problem. Getting angry at a child won’t do any good, and if you get angry at your adult neighbor they may not be as compassionate with helping.


Dealing with problem neighbors is something everyone may have to deal with at some point, and sometimes those neighbors are the kids in your area. When trying to keep your neighbor’s kids from just showing up, make sure you start out by setting boundaries. Once you do that, you can take extra steps if needed.