Is It Safe to Mow Your Lawn in Flip Flops?

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Wanting to be comfortable with flip-flops and shorts when you are mowing your lawn may sound like a good idea. However, safety should be your number one priority when you are dealing with sharp blades.

One of the best ways to prevent injuries is knowing what to wear when operating a lawnmower. So, is it safe to mow in flip flops? And, how do you mow your lawn safely? Find answers to these questions and more on mowing attire and safety tips.

Key takeaways

  • Common lawn mowing injuries are preventable with the right attire
  • Closed-toe shoes or work boots made from thick materials are best for lawn mowing
  • You can adopt various additional safety precautions regarding what to wear and how to mow your lawn

Is it safe to mow in flip flops?

No, it isn’t. Flip flops offer no foot protection, can come off easily, and don’t give you the traction you need on grass. While you might get away with it every once and again, not wearing the proper shoes can cause foot and toe injuries. These injuries range from small cuts that can get infected to crushed or severed toes and foot amputations.

Lawn mowing causes thousands of injuries annually in the U.S, with most of the injuries preventable with proper safety precautions. Examples of other common lawn mowing injuries include broken bones, severed fingers, limb amputations, burns, and eye injuries. So, lean towards caution with what you wear!

Can you mow grass in crocs?

For the same reason you don’t want to mow in flip flops, you shouldn’t mow in Crocs. These shoes aren’t completely closed, have low ground clearance, are made from lighter materials, and don’t protect the back half of your foot. Yes, they are waterproof, comfortable, and breathable. However, they aren’t designed for landscaping work.

Using crocs like these for general yard work like gardening or maintenance is fine. However, if you’re mowing you should use a fully-closed shoe that gives your feet maximum protection.

What are the best shoes to mow in?

The best shoes to mow in are sturdy, closed-toe shoes or work boots made from thick materials, such as leather. You also want shoes with greater traction over soft ground like grass. Most people prefer shoes with higher cuts to protect the lower leg and prevent debris from getting into the foot.

Another great feature of suitable lawn mowing shoes is a steel-toed boot design. These shoes are designed to protect your foot from accidents, even though they can be quite heavy. An example is the Timberland PRO, made from leather and has a steel-toed boot, higher cut, and thick rubber soles.

mowing tall grass

What should I wear to mow the lawn?

Proper shoes aren’t the only preventative measure you can wear when mowing. Think about your body’s areas that are close to the blade or at risk of cuts and flying debris.

For example, long pants will protect your legs, which are close to the blade and may get cuts or scrapes from potential debris. You also want to stay away from loose clothing that might get caught in the lawnmower.

Safety glasses or goggles that wrap around your face properly are also important to help protect your face and eyes from flying debris. Since lawnmower engines are loud, wearing earplugs will protect your ears and lessen the damage from the noise.

How to mow your lawn safely

Besides wearing the right outfit, you can do many other things to prevent lawnmower-related injuries. For starters, you should wait for the blades to stop completely before unclogging the discharge chute, removing the grass catcher, or crossing gravel roads. It’s also best to fix clogs or jams with a stick or tool instead of your hand or feet.

Other tips for safely mowing your lawn include:

  • Pick up toys, debris, and stones from the lawn to prevent flying object injuries
  • Use a mower with a control stopping it from moving forward if the handle is released
  • Refuel with the motor turned off and cool
  • Don’t refuel over grass
  • Keep young children and pets at a safe distance from the mowing area
  • Avoid pulling backward or mowing in reverse


Mowing your lawn in open-toed footwear like flip flops is only a good idea until it goes terribly wrong. Thousands of lawnmower-related injuries involve severed or crushed toes so it’s best to wear the proper foot attire.

You’ll also want to have on other protective gear and take the right precautions, like how to refuel your lawnmower and avoid potential flying debris. When it comes to a lawnmower’s blades that whirl at around 3,000 turns per minute, you don’t want to take your chances.