Is Washing Dishes Without Gloves Bad for Your Hands?

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Washing dishes is one of those daily chores you can’t avoid, even if you have a dishwasher. Many people still have to hand wash dishes before ever putting them into the machine, and just as many people don’t have a dishwasher at all. For people that have to rely on hand-washing dishes, it is imperative they know how to do so in the best way. Using hot water and harsh soaps can be damaging to the skin, which has raised the question of whether or not washing dishes without gloves is bad for your hands.

Is washing dishes without gloves bad for your hands?

Hand washing your dishes without a good pair of gloves can be not only bad for your hands, but your overall health as well. Gloves prevent cracked skin and serious illnesses.

Having a good pair of rubber gloves can go a long way in all areas of cleaning. Dermatologists have recommended never washing dishes without gloves because of how harmful it can be to our skin. Rubber gloves can protect our hands from hot water, chemicals, sickness, and sharp objects.

Dish washing gloves can be found at your local supermarket or ordered on Amazon.

What do gloves protect your hands from when washing dishes?

1. Hot water

The number one thing that gloves can protect our hands from is hot water. Hot water is the best thing to wash your dishes with because of how easily it rinses away grime and oil.

However, it can also strip necessary oils off of your hands, and inflame your skin. Dish gloves can offer protection and allow you to use even hotter water. Dermatologists have found that hot water can be damaging to skin and pores. Anytime your skin will be coming into contact with water, it should be warm, not hot.

2. Chemicals Burns

There are plenty of chemicals found in dish soaps, detergents, and many DIY solvents. Even vinegar, a common at-home dish cleaner, can cause harm to your hands. These chemicals, just like hot water, attack natural oils in your skin.

They can lead to a number of painful conditions, from skin rashes to chemical burns. The best way to keep these chemicals from coming in contact with your hands is by wearing gloves any time you wash dishes or do similar cleaning around the house.

3. Sickness

One major thing that gloves can protect you from when hand washing dishes is all of the bacteria build-up. Kitchen sinks, in addition to bathrooms sinks and toilets, collect some of the most bacteria of anywhere else in your home. E. coli and salmonella are commonly found in these areas.

The easiest way to protect yourself is to wear gloves so you don’t touch these bacteria with your bare hands. From your hands, they will easily spread into your body from your eyes, nose, or mouth. Even washing your hands directly after cleaning might not be enough to keep sickness away.

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3. Sharp Objects

It can be dangerous to hand wash sharp knives and cooking utensils with your bare hands. If you’re using thick rubber gloves they will be able to protect you from being cut or stabbed. Of course, you should still practice caution when washing with gloves because they can still be torn.

Pros of wearing gloves

When you hand wash your dishes there are several reasons you should wear gloves, other than health.

1. Grip

Wearing gloves when washing dishes is the best way to ensure you have a good grip. Soap and water will make it easy to drop and shatter plates or bowls, but most gloves have a reinforced grip. They also make it easier and safer to clean up any dishes you may accidentally break.

2. Cleanliness

Keeping your hands clean is one of the simplest reasons to wear gloves while washing dishes. All you have to do when you’re done is slide the gloves off and rinse them clean. This also minimizes the likelihood that you’ll spread any mess onto your clothes.

3. They’re cheap

Good rubber and latex gloves will be one of the cheapest editions to your kitchen, and they pay for themselves within just a few uses. You can find them at pretty much any store. Durable rubber gloves can last for a few months, and single-use gloves usually come in packs of at least 20.

4. Protecting your nails

If you have a manicure, polish, or want to protect your nails for any other reasons, then always wear gloves when hand washing your dishes. Within just five minutes of washing, wet fingernails will become softer and weaker.

5. Avoiding gross stuff

Being able to avoid gross leftover bits of food is one of the biggest benefits of wearing gloves to do dishes. Having to scrub dried food or sauce isn’t fun, and no one wants to touch it with their bare hands. Wearing gloves can keep hand washing from being a disgusting experience.

The same can be said when it comes to cleaning other areas of your house, such as bathtubs, toilets, and counters. This makes rubber gloves a vital aspect of any house. When you’re done, they can be easily cleaned off while your hands stay clean, dry, and healthy.