What to do With Coffee Ground Too Fine – 6 Ideas

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If you drink coffee, you have probably experienced the unfortunate taste and feel of coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup. Nobody wants coffee grounds in their morning cup of coffee, but this does tend to happen when we brew coffee that is ground too finely. In this article we’ll cover a few tips of what to do with coffee ground too fine.

If you keep an open-mind and are willing to get creative, these tips can ensure that you get the most out of your coffee and that even your finest grounds don’t go to waste.

What to do with coffee ground too fine

If you have accidentally purchased coffee grounds that have been ground too finely, or you yourself have ground them too fine, there are luckily a few tips you can try to make the most of it!

Here are six tips for what to do with coffee ground too fine!

1. Mix up your grounds coarseness/size

If you have accidentally bought coffee that is ground too finely, you can do a quick fix by using a mixture of the finely ground coffee and the ideally, just right ground coffee.

To do this, place the finely ground coffee at the bottom of the filter and then place a top layer of the coffee that is the preferred ground size. This top layer seems to prevent the water from washing the finely ground coffee into your cup or receptacle.

2. Control the heat

You don’t want to make your coffee with water that it is too hot. If you are making coffee with a french press, you can wait for the water too cool off for a few minutes before putting it in the pot.

If you are using a Mokka pot or some other coffee maker where you can control the temperature (not a drip coffee machine), make sure to decrease the temperature. Excessive heat increases the pressure, which will easily carry the fine grounds into the collection chamber.

3. Make Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee requires very finely ground coffee, so your extra fine grounds would be perfect for this style. Also, who doesn’t like to switch things up and make something new?

To brew Turkish coffee you will need a special coffee maker or brewer called an Ibrik. Luckily Ibriks range in prices, so you won’t have to spend a pretty penny if you are just wanting to experiment with a new coffee making method.

Here’s a couple of options at different price points:

4. Pour your coffee over a filter

One way to avoid getting an extra helping of grounds in your coffee cup is to place a filter- either mesh or paper over your coffee cup before pouring your coffee from your coffee making device into your actual coffee cup.

This will provide a second, extra filtering step and should help to keep some of those excess grounds out.

5. Wet the filter

If you use paper filters in a drip or pour over coffee machine, wetting the filter beforehand helps to almost create a seal against those very finely ground coffee grounds. You don’t want to drench the filter though!

Instead, wet your fingers first and then move them around the filter. This way the filter will be damp but not soaking wet.

6. Cook with it instead

Now this tip does not include making coffee to drink with your grounds that have been ground too finely. If you are willing to part with the idea of making your coffee with your grounds, coffee grounds can actually be used in cooking.

It sounds strange, but finely ground coffee, when mixed with other seasoning and spices can make a delicious dry rub for meat. If you are willing to get adventurous, this is worth a try!

Can coffee be ground too fine?

Yes and no. It depends on how you’re making it and who you ask. If you’re making a style of coffee that requires very finely ground coffee, like Turkish coffee, then the finer the better!

Or if you’re somebody that doesn’t mind a few extra grounds at the bottom of your cup, then finely ground coffee isn’t a problem!

What happens if coffee is ground too fine?

The first thing you may notice if your coffee is ground too finely is the taste. Coffee that is ground too coarse will lack flavor and strength, but coffee ground too fine can be over extracted and very bitter.

When coffee is ground too fine, it can also clog the filters in certain coffee makers like drip coffee makers. Additionally, coffee ground too finely can easily pass through your filters, leaving you with extra grounds or dregs in your cup.

Is coffee stronger when ground fine?

Technically, no. But, when ground more finely, coffee will brew quicker, meaning that if you brew finely ground coffee for the same amount of time you typically brew more coarsely ground coffee, your finely ground coffee will be stronger due to the quick brew time.

Can coffee be too fine for an espresso machine?

While espresso requires a very fine grind, coffee can actually be ground too finely for espresso. The finely ground coffee can cause the filter to clog and prevent the water from efficiently running through. The fine grinds may also create a more bitter taste.

Can coffee be too fine for a french press?

Yes. French press coffee makers require a fairly coarse grind size. If you grind your coffee too finely you may find a lot of grounds at the bottom of your cup!

Proper grind settings

Certain coffee making machines or methods require special grind sizes. Making sure you have the right grind size will ensure that your coffee making experience is optimized, giving you the best tasting cup of brew!

If you grind your coffee at home, your coffee grinder should have different settings for the perfect grind. If you get your coffee ground in-store, make sure to tell the person who is grinding your coffee for you how you plan to brew it and they will make sure it is ground to perfection.


Espresso requires a finely ground coffee. The grounds for Espresso are ground the second-most finest just after Turkish coffee.

French press

Making your coffee with a French press requires a nice, coarsely ground coffee.


Percolator coffee, like the French press, also requires coarse grounds.

Pour over

To make pour over coffee, you will want a medium ground.


Drip coffee requires a medium to medium-coarse ground coffee for the perfect cup.


If you are not using one of the pre-filled K-cups for your Keurig and are instead using your own coffee, you will want a medium grind size.


While finely ground coffee is ideal for some types of brew methods, it can cause problems if you don’t have the means or equipment to brew coffee ground to that size! But luckily there are a few tips and tricks you can use to get a perfect (or near perfect cup!) with coffee ground too fine.

If all else fails and you can’t brew the coffee, you can even cook with it, ensuring that no coffee goes to waste. You might even find a new favorite way to prepare a meal!