What to Do Your Neighbor’s Car Alarm Keeps Going Off?

It can be a nuisance if you have a neighbor whose car alarm goes off a lot. While you can expect car alarms to sound every now and then, if you live near someone who makes a habit of this it can be a problem. Not only is it annoying, if it happens late at night it can disturb your sleep. So, what is there to do when your neighbor’s car alarm keeps going off?

It’s always overwhelming when confronting issues caused by neighbors, as you have no idea how they might react. Of course, it can be necessary at times, especially in the case of a continuous car alarm blaring.

What to Do Your Neighbor’s Car Alarm Keeps Going Off?

If your neighbor has made a habit of allowing their car alarm to go off, the best approach is to politely talk to them. They may not be aware it has become an annoyance and can quickly remedy the issue.

However, sometimes talking doesn’t work, or you may want to try less confrontational methods first. If that is the case, you have a few other options.

1. Research Noise Ordinances

If your neighbor’s car alarm is blaring a lot your first step should be to research local noise ordinances. If you live in an apartment building you can also check your lease for any guidelines that mention quiet times.

Before you are able to contact the appropriate authorities, you have to make sure the alarm going off is a violation of some kind. If it isn’t, you may have to rely on other methods of addressing the problem. If the alarm is a noise violation, you have more options to consider. You can talk to management if living in an apartment, or contact the police.

2. Block Out The Sound

If you aren’t sure the car alarm goes against any noise ordinance, or you don’t want to confront your neighbor, you can try to block out the sound. You can purchase a white noise machine to play out loud, or use earphones.

This might be the best option if the alarm isn’t going off too often. If the alarm isn’t that much of a nuisance it might be easily drowned out. However, white noise machines and other noise blocking strategies can only work so much before you have to explore different routes.

3. Contact Local Authorities

Since every city has some kind of noise ordinance related to car alarms, you should be able to find someone to contact. The local police department can send an officer to your neighbor’s house to confront them.

If the alarm is enough of an issue they may even issue your neighbor a ticket. You can also contact your homeowners association if they have any specific policies regarding noise.

If you rent your home or apartment, you can get in touch with your property manager. They may be able to handle the problem without you having to do anything further.

4. Leave A Note

note on windshield

One of the simplest ways to address your neighbor’s car alarm is to just leave a simple note on the vehicle. They are sure to see it, and may be able to easily fix the problem. If the alarm is only going off every now and again, leaving a short note could be the quickest and most effective solution.

5. Talking To Your Neighbor

Depending on the relationship you have with your neighbor, talking to them outright about the problem could be the best option. If you have a good relationship, they will likely be more than happy to fix the issue.

Your neighbor might not even be aware the alarm is going off if it is happening when they aren’t around, and talking to them about it is the quickest way to reach a solution.

If talking to your neighbor about the alarm doesn’t do anything then you should be prepared to take additional steps, such as reporting it to the appropriate authorities. When approaching your neighbor, being polite and offering help to reach a solution can go a long way.

6. Be Polite

First and foremost, make sure to be polite if you are approaching your neighbor about any disturbance they are causing. They are likely to get defensive if they feel like you are attacking them.

7. Offer Your Help

If you have any potential ideas about how to remedy the problem, you can bring it up with your neighbor. Maybe you know a mechanic that could look for any problems, or maybe you’ve noticed an outside source that could be causing the alarm to sound. No matter what kind of help you can offer, your neighbor is likely to appreciate the sentiment.

In Conclusion

If your neighbor has a car alarm that goes off all the time it can be a major disturbance to your daily life. While talking to them outright could be the best approach, there are multiple strategies you can utilize to try and remedy the problem.