How To Deglaze A Pan Without Wine (5 Alternatives)

Deglazing is a great method to use when cooking, and wine is one of the most popular options to use. This method allows for more flavorful meals, and is commonly used when cooking or searing meat.

While wine is the main liquid used, it isn’t the only one. To make a deglaze you just have to pour cold liquid into the hot pan used for grilling or searing your meat, so there are multiple substitutes.

People may choose to forgo the wine for a number of reasons, from wanting a nonalcoholic option to just running short on supplies.

How To Deglaze A Pan Without Wine

If you want to deglaze a pan without using wine, you can try out several different substitutes. These include chicken stock, beef stock, vinegar, fruit juice, and water.

Each of these options provides different textures and flavors. The one you end up going with will depend on the kind of meal you’re cooking, and what’s available in your kitchen.

Wine is the most popular liquid to use when deglazing a pan because of the tasty flavors and unique texture it provides. However, there are five substitutes you can turn to instead that have just as much proven success in the kitchen.

1. Chicken Stock

Chicken stock has more of a watery texture, with bits of gelee throughout. It isn’t overpowering like other deglazing liquids and works best with poultry or beef meals.

Chicken stock can also work great with vegetable-heavy dishes. This option is great because of how it subtly enhances the already present flavors in your food. It also makes the sauce in your pan more rich and creamy just by adding extra liquid.

Using a small amount of chicken stock allows for a more subtle deglaze. This option can be found at more grocery stores, in can and box form, or it can be made fresh from home.

2. Beef Stock

Similar to chicken stock, this option has a watery texture, plus gel-like properties. It works best with beef or venison meals and has a strong flavor that runs the risk of being overpowering.

Beef stock works the best with red meat, as it enhances the powerful flavors. When used with vegetables or poultry, the beef flavors can be overpowering.

Just like with chicken stock, you can find this deglazing liquid at any grocery store. Some people prefer to make their own beef stock, which is seen as the healthier option.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar is a wine deglazing substitute that goes best with meat-heavy meals. It has a watery texture, combined with strong sweet and acidic flavors. White wine and red wine vinegar are some of the top alcohol-free deglazing options you can find in your kitchen.

Balsamic vinegar is another popular option and can add some additional sweetness to any meal. The sour taste found in vinegar works to enhance the flavors of fish and chicken-based dishes. Some people choose to mix vinegar with fruit juice to enhance their sweet and sour properties.

4. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is a popular deglazing liquid that works great with fish and meat-based dishes. You can use any kind of fruit juice, such as orange, apple, or grape, depending on the kind of meal you’re making.

Using juice will add fresh and tangy flavors to any dish, no matter what kind of juice you go with. Store-bought fruit juice can work great, but many people prefer to make their own fresh juice from home. Fresh options can provide more flavorful properties to enhance any meal.

5. Water

Perhaps one of the simplest substitutes for a wine deglaze is water. It has no flavor or odor, which makes it great for any kind of dish you could be cooking.

Water is versatile for deglazing anything, especially meat. The pieces collected on the bottom of the pan will enhance the water with both taste and flavor, and in turn, make the entire meal better.

Water is also great for enriching your pan sauce and making it thicker. The main downside to this option is you won’t get as rich flavors as you would with wine or another substitute.

Do Alcohol-Free Deglazes Work?

Wine is the go-to deglazing option, but that doesn’t mean alcohol-free options are any less good. Most of the time, these options provide just as rich flavors and unique textures. You don’t have to use wine in order to have a delicious pan deglaze.


While wine is a great option for deglazing a pan, there are plenty of others you can consider. You can instead use chicken stock, beef stock, vinegar, fruit juice, and water.

Many of these can be found in any kitchen, even if you’ve run out of wine. These alcohol-free options have just as delicious flavor profiles and can lead to a final meal that is just as tasty.