What To Do If Your Neighbor Has Too Many Cars

For the most part, what your neighbor gets up to should not impede your personal life. When it does, you may have no choice but to step up and get involved to resolve an issue. Certain things your neighbor does can disrupt your life, such as owning too many cars.

A few cars aren’t usually a problem, but too many can be an eyesore and take up valuable shared parking space. Depending on your housing situation, a neighbor with too many cars might mean your own vehicle is pushed out. It isn’t illegal for your neighbor to have many cars, but that doesn’t leave you out of options.

What To Do If Your Neighbor Has Too Many Cars

If your neighbor has so many cars it is impacting your life, you can either talk to them, contact appropriate authorities, or park somewhere else. The solution will depend mainly on your home situation and the relationship you have with the neighbor in question. Don’t be discouraged by your neighbor’s overwhelming amount of cars, there are multiple options you can explore to remedy the problem.

Talk to Them

The first step you should take if you’re bothered by how many cars your neighbor has is to talk to them. If your neighbor is known to be dangerous or has tried to scare you before, then confronting them directly might not be the best option.

In that case, you may need to explore other routes. However, if your neighbor seems to be an otherwise reasonable person, talking to them could fix the issue.

They may be able to start parking somewhere else, such as in a garage or further down the street. Keep in mind that talking to them might not work. In that case, you will either have to take additional steps or just let the matter go.

Contact Authorities

If talking to your neighbor doesn’t do anything, or you don’t feel safe confronting them, you can try to find the proper authorities to contact. If you live in an apartment building or other kind of rental unit, property managers and landlords will often have policies regarding how many vehicles a tenant can park on the property.

Apartment buildings with limited spots might assign a single spot to each resident, and taking up any more is a lease violation. A quick call or email to management might be the fastest way to resolve your problem.

If you own your home, your options will look a little different. In a neighborhood you might be able to get in touch with a homeowners association. Without an HOA, you are left with the local police department. If the number of cars violates any city ordinances, an officer might be able to issue a citation to your neighbor.

Park Somewhere Else

If the number of cars your neighbor has is taking up too many parking spaces, you can also choose to park somewhere else. This might be the best option if your neighbor is only hosting multiple vehicles for a short time.

However, parking somewhere else won’t do anything to fix an ongoing problem. If you’ve chosen not to talk to your neighbor, or contact anyone, you will be left with limited options. If they’re parking on your property, you can even have them towed.

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Other Options

There are a few creative options you can consider to deal with your neighbor’s multiple cars. You can gather other neighbors who are also bothered by the cars and confront them together.

If the vehicles are on private property, you can create a petition for the city to do something about it. Assuming your petition gets enough attention, it might get something done.

If the cars are taking up too many parking spots, you can try leaving a few notes for your neighbor to find. This might get them to be more considerate in where they park so many cars.

Laws Regarding Multiple Cars

While it might be annoying for your neighbor to have a lot of cars, there aren’t any real laws against it. People can own as many cars as they want to, and if they own their home there is even less to be done.

Someone who owns their home can’t get in much trouble for a lot of vehicles on their own property. In rental units, several cars could be a lease violation, especially if they are taking up multiple parking spots. If you’re making a report about cars on private property, not much can be done if the cars aren’t part of any illegal activities.

In Conclusion

It might seem hopeless to face a neighbor who has too many cars, but there are certainly things you can do about it. In addition to confronting your neighbor directly, you can try to contact the appropriate authorities or resolve to just park somewhere else.

While there aren’t any exact laws to address multiple vehicles, there are things you can do about it. There are plenty of both direct and subtle ways to get your neighbor’s attention.