How to Keep Plants Alive in an Office Without Windows

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There’s no better way to brighten up your office at home or work than with live greenery. However, not all offices have windows, so sunlight isn’t an option for the plants that live in your windowless office. So how can you keep plants alive in an office without windows?

How to keep plants alive in an office without windows

Luckily, there are several plant species that can thrive without natural sunlight. Air plants, Epipremnum aureum, and pothos are three examples of hearty plants that can do well in a windowless office. You may also consider investing in a grow light to give your plants the amount of lighting they need without lugging them in and outside all day.

This guide will explain which plant species do well in windowless offices and what you can do to help your office plants thrive without sunlight.

Can a plant survive in a windowless office?

We learn that plants need sunlight to survive in primary school, but we don’t realize that many plant species can do well in minimal sunlight or with the help of artificial lighting. With that said, there are some indoor plants that need direct sunlight to survive. For that reason, it’s important to pay close attention to the types of plant species you’re bringing into your windowless office.

Plants that grow well in windowless offices

Despite a plant’s need for sunlight in order to grow and thrive, there are several plants that will continue to grow, even without windows. Whether you choose a pothos, air plant, or some other species, you can easily bring a little more life to your home with greenery. Here are five plants that are well-suited for an office without windows.

1. Pothos

pothos house plant
Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni LOVE PEACE 💛💙 from Pixabay

Pothos plants are incredibly low-maintenance and they thrive on negligence. For rooms without natural light, it’s best to go with the all-green varieties like Jade or Neon Pothos. Some variegated Pothos species will also grow well without sunlight, but not all will work. These plants grow very quickly and may need repotting once every 6-12 months.

To care for your pothos, you should plan to water them once every 1-2 weeks. Watering is also necessary when the soil is dry at the top two inches of your pot.

2. Snake plant

snake plant
Image by Veronica Bosley from Pixabay

Snake plants are among the more popular plant varieties and are also pretty affordable. THey’re extremely easy to care for and have a signature appearance that sets them apart from other plants. Snake plants come in many varieties and also thrive on neglect. They’re incredibly versatile and can thrive in any light condition.

To care for a snake plant, wait to water until the soil is completely dry. These plants only need to be repotted once every 3-6 years. And because they grow mostly vertical, they don’t take up too much your on your office desk.

3. English ivy

English ivy hanging
English ivy houseplant

If you want to spruce up your office walls, English Ivy is a great choice. Although sunlight allows the ivy to show off vibrant colors, you can still maintain a beautiful green ivy plant in your windowless office.

English Ivy is very easy to care for but it grows quickly. For that reason, you’ll want to make sure you trim it where necessary.

4. Spider plant

Spider plant | image by Maja Dumat via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Spider plants grow fairly quickly and they’re notorious for growing little shoots with air roots that can be clipped and repotted. The plant gets its name from the spindly leaves that grow and hang over your plant pot. These plants are also widely available and are among the more affordable plant species.

To care for a spider plant, water should only be given when the top inch of soil is dry. This marks your watering days at once every 1-2 weeks or so. You don’t need to repot a spider plant often and usually only needs a new home once every two years.

5. Peperomia

Image by Jan Haerer from Pixabay

Peperomia is an easy plant to take care of and are perfect for beginner plant owners. They come in several varieties and are among the plants who tolerate artificial light the easiest. Peperomia plants grow slowly and only need repotting once every three years.

To care for a peperomia, you should only water once every two weeks or so. Fertilizer isn’t necessary but you can use it if you want to speed up the growth process or encourage the plant to grow babies.

6. Air plants

Air Plants Ionantha Mexican - Colors and Shape Varies Due to Seasonality-Live Tillandsia Succulent House Plants - Available in Wholesale and Bulk - Home and Garden Decor-Easy Care Plants (Pack of 5)

Air plants are small plants that do not even have roots. They can simply sit on a bed of gravel and survive, though you must soak them in water thoroughly ever so often. Probably at least once per week.

They can survive with just a little indirect sunlight, making them great office plants. Air plants are one of the easiest types of plants to take care of. A small grow light would do the trick if your office has absolutely no indirect light.

Create your own light

Rather than having to choose a plant species that is tolerant to low light, you could also produce your own light and broaden your options. When sunlight isn’t an option, artificial grow lights really come in handy.

Regardless of the plant species, some form of light is required for a plant to grow and thrive. With grow lights, you can bring in just about any plant species without worrying about the potential for plant death.

You can try a grow light like the one below from Amazon, it’s very popular among indoor plant lovers.

This LED grow light comes in single, double, or triple packs and includes the LED bulb needed for operation. IT uses a full spectrum of warm light and compact and versatile. To install this light, all you need to do is still the included pole into the pot with your plant. The light then sits above the plant, giving it 360 degree coverage.

This light also comes with an on/off switch and an automatic timer with three modes to choose from. You can also adjust the pole’s height to best fit the height of your potted plant.

The grow light is made from aluminum, a material that ensures heat dissipation from the light and creates a long-lasting product. This light doesn’t get hot to the touch, so it’s safe around children and curious pets.


Just because you don’t have any windows in your office doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the life in your space. Consider bringing a pothos or snake plant into your office space or garnish your walls with trailing English Ivy. Whichever plant you choose to adorn your office with, you should look into purchasing a high-quality grow light to ensure thriving life.

Regardless of the office plant you end up with, we hope this guide has been helpful for you.