8 Random But Essential Kitchen Utensils

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After moving into a bigger home recently, I spent a ton on Amazon shortly afterwards on household items. This included quite a few essential kitchen utensils and tools that I needed as well.

This article is simply a list of 8 things that I bought off of Amazon for my kitchen. I’ve owned all of them for over a year now, so I’ll tell you how I like them.

Let’s get into it.

8 essential kitchen utensils

This list isn’t meant to be definitive, and I may add more kitchen tools and utensils to it, but these are 8 things that almost everyone will want to have in their kitchen. I own all of these products.

1. Cutting board

The cutting board I had been using was old and worn out and this was just one of those things I wanted to get when I moved. It looks great on my granite countertops. The one I bought is made of bamboo so it is very lightweight yet durable and is great for cutting fruits, vegetables, and meats. You really can’t beat the price and I’m happy with this purchase.

After using for over a year: This cutting board is still holding up and doing well. Great deal, I would buy again. 

2. 8″ chef knife

This was a must have for me. At some point over the years my last good chef knife was lost and I’ve been using some crappy one for the last 2 years that was never sharp and just a pain to cut with. So I thought what better time to get a brand new chef knife for the kitchen that when I have a brand new kitchen?

This one is from a company called Mad Shark. I have no experience with the company but the reviews on Amazon are crazy good and it is the style I like so I pulled the trigger. It’s very sharp, has a lifetime warranty, and is just a very solid feeling knife. It’s exactly what I wanted and looks great sitting on the new bamboo cutting board I bought. I’ll definitely be recommending this knife to anyone that needs a new kitchen knife.

After using for over a year: This knife is still sharp and I use it every day. Another great purchase. 

3. Steak knives

I had been using old dull steak knives that were slowly falling apart and it was time to get some new ones. I decided on this set simply because they look cool and have great reviews. Not a lot of thought really needs to go into something like steak knives but you should make sure they are a mixture of high quality and at a good price. These fall into both categories.

Although I have not had time to cook any steaks and use them yet, I’ve opened the package and inspected them all. they are nice looking knives that I’m sure will last for many years to come.

I honestly don’t know what happened to these steak knives. I’ve been using these Ginsu steak knives and they’re great though. 

4. 6″ kitchen utility knife

Sometimes you may not want to use the big knife or it’s being washed and you need an all purpose utility kitchen knife. That’s why I grabbed this one. It’s a 6″ knife compared to the 8″ chef knife. I’ve already been using this one a lot and it’s super sharp, has a very grippy handle, and also has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. On top of that it has tons of great reviews on Amazon. It’s made of high-carbon, stain-free Japanese steel and is an all around great kitchen knife.

After using for over a year: This is definitely a solid knife, but I don’t use it a lot. I use the Mad Shark butcher knife for everything from buttering bread to chopping vegetables. 

5. Silverware set

Much of my old silverware was actually very old and tarnished looking and it was just time for some new forks, spoons, and knives. There’s nothing particularly special about this set. It’s just simple, stainless steel, brand new silverware. This set was and is very popular on Amazon and fit the bill so I pulled the trigger. It’s silverware, it’s well made, it works for eating.

I mean it’s silverware, it still works.

6. Silverware drawer organizer

These silverware drawer organizer just tend to get nasty after a few years of use so I like to buy a new one every so often. This one was really inexpensive and a bit over sized so it fits lots of silverware in it, just make sure you have a drawer big enough for the one you buy. I also like the soft grip lining for each section so that you don’t hear everything sliding around as much when you open and close the drawer.

After using for over a year: It still functions without any problems. 

7. Set of plastic tumblers

Just some durable, dishwasher safe, clear plastic tumblers. This set comes with 4 12 oz and 4 16 oz. These cups are BPA free and shatterproof plastic yet look very much like glass at a glance. They’re just cups so nothing really fancy here, they work great for drinking things out of them hah. Seriously though, I like them and plan to have them for a long time.

After using for over a year: Still going strong.

8. Potato masher

KitchenAid Gourmet Stainless Steel Wire Masher, 10.24-Inch, Black

I’ve used this little guy once just the other night to make some mashed potatoes. It mashed em up good! It’s made of heavy duty stainless steel and I like that it’s kind of small compared to other potato mashers. Makes it less likely to get hung in the drawer causing the whole drawer to be stuck halfway opened. That ever happen to you? Annoying.

After using for over a year: This masher is still mashing with the best of them. Great purchase.